The Molle

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Sacred tree of Peru, said that its seeds were brought to Mexico by the Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza, a mid-sixteenth century. The dyeing properties molle, cooking the leaves and bark yields a yellow dye can dye cotton and wool.

Scientific name: Schinus molle Family: Anacardiácea. Common names: Mulli, tree of life, Peru pepper, lemon pepper, cullash, Huigen, Huina maera, orcco mulli.

"It is the incorruptible molle tree, a fragrant odor, and hot-tempered, and very estipticida, highly esteemed by the Indians for their wonderful effects.

Giving some gashes in the trunk and on branches, exudes a fragrant white resin, enbalsamar which served to keep free from corruption and the bodies of the Inca kings, when they put in their huacas or graves.

It is infinite things .... resin casts a red strawberry-sized clusters of elder, which often chicha Indians ... "B. Cobo (VI, 78)

Colours made with The Molle by Ecotintes.
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