Pre columbian dyes: ancestral art

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The pre columbian textiles technique transformed into a work of art that made tanticamayoc, dyers cauticamayos or former Peru together with cumbicamayoc or weavers, managed with great skill in their textiles reflect their life and environment.

This was enriched by the polychrome colors or variety of techniques, colored tissue and applications, and the fine fibers used.

The staining was a very important process in making the cautimayos tissues were responsible for catching the colors that are dyed clothes (conch). Artisans prehispanic central Andean area ornamented their textiles painted with embossed or indroduciéndolas in a liquid dye. The colors were applied to wool and cotton in various ways, before hilarlos or tissue itself. Giving a bath to dye the fabric deserves attention by offering decorative options.

Sometimes the pieces were introduced coiled up and tied. Other times it is stamped on the surface of the decorative fabric with waterproof pasta generating a blocking effect, if the operation was repeated using different colors, the decorative possibilities significantly increased given the ease of combining this technique with the paint brus