Ecotintes water cycle

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Water is used in the extraction phase, the dyeing phase and rinsing of excess unfixed dye into the fibers. The water source is an artesian well, do not use treated water for human use.

The water is reused in all processes where feasible and in darker colors rinses and then used as irrigation water for crops dye plants in the vicinity of Ecotintes. If the temperature exceeds 35 º C, is cooled. The pH (acidity-alkalinity index) is held between 6 and 9. Elvalor 7 being neutral for the water 100% pure.

Indigo dyeing
The dyed with indigo is made from a stock solution that generates no effluent, there is not always stored, recharged and reused. The solution we use contains caustic soda and sodium hydrosulfite, compounds that activate the reduction of indigo, a requirement to bind to the cotton and other natural fibers.

Caustic soda and sodium hydrosulfite are hazardous chemicals, although commonly used as cleaning supplies, are managed with great care. Completed the process of indigo dyeing fibers are neutralized.

These procedures are done according to standard Skal Sustainable Organic Textiles 2002.

Ecotintes water cycle

Used as irrigation water for crops