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The madder, Rubia tinctoria, Dyer and the alizarin component is the source of red color plant par excellence.

Was widely used until the invention of synthetic alizarin, by German chemists Graebe and Lieberman in 1868.

The color red is the scarcest and plant source, minerals and natural sources are linked to dangerous mercury. The lacquers (Laccifer lacca) and carmine (cochineal) were an alternative source, but little, for the coveted scarlet. The madder is one of the most stable pigments.

The best blonde planted in Turkey and Holland, but its main consumers were English and French, who used it for military clothing.

Currently, the madder reborn by the demand for natural dyes. In Peru and home Ecotintes Rubia tinctoria planting in some years we hope to have a source of organic supply madder.